Millennials Insunrance TO Thomas W

Thomas Wright

Insurance Advisor, Tredd Insurance Brokers

My journey into Canada’s insurance industry began in October 2014, a mere 4 months after graduating from high school. During my year off, I sought an employment opportunity that would provide me with enough income to help contribute to my planned post-secondary education at McMaster University. This search resulted in my acceptance of an employment opportunity in a sales role for a life insurance company and the obtaining of my LLQP insurance license. In March of 2015, I was presented the opportunity to advance my career into the commercial P&C industry. I wrote my RIBO exam in April of 2015, a mere month after my 19th birthday, and started at Tredd Insurance Brokers that same month. From April to December of that year, I spent time with most of our offices departments, shadowing underwriters, and attending training seminars hosted by our insurer partners. I was told repeatedly about how much information the insurance industry holds, and as a result, I took the approach of a sponge and attempted to absorb every bit of information thrown my way. By the end of the year, management decided to have our Alberta-based Insurance for Welders program transferred from our Calgary location to be operated by myself and a colleague out of the Toronto office. For the first 8 months of 2016 I spent my time as an Account Manager on the program, learning the program, the product, the environment, and the clients. By September, we had hired on a replacement Account Manager and I was tasked with re-vamping the program. New operating procedures, expanded coverage’s, marketing and advertising campaigns, reduced rates, and more program features were just a few of the changes I had implemented. By January of 2017, we unveiled the new program. This brings me to today, where I serve the role of Program Director. With 2017 producing more than $200,000 in new premium, it was clear that the hard work had paid off. Today I still am found frequently trying to help other departments to round out my insurance skills and knowledge.